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December 5Skills Asian Americans Need to Succeed in the Workplace: An interview with Google’s Jerry Lee
December 5Podcast Episode 14: The Soft Skills Asian Americans Need, Explained
November 24Launching an Asian American e-commerce brand: An interview with Nimble Made’s co-Founder, Tanya Zhang
November 8Podcast Episode 13: Co-Founding An Asian American E-Commerce Start-Up
October 28Podcast Episode 12: Founding a Media Platform For, By, and About Asian Millennials
October 13Podcast Episode 11: This Asian American Co-Founder Developed AI to Advance Health Diagnosis
October 7Podcast Episode 10: From Hire #2 to VP of Strategy, an Asian American Female’s Perspective
September 27Podcast Episode 9: Defining Your Image – The Self-Portrait Project
September 17Podcast Episode 8: A Life’s Mission to Develop a Platform that Hires Based on Ability
September 1Podcast Episode 7: From a 2.1 GPA to $15 Million in Venture Capital Funding
August 14Podcast Episode 6: An Asian American Actor Learns How To Be Bold
July 24Podcast Episode 5: Dropping Out of College to Pursue Entrepreneurship, from an Asian Perspective
July 5Podcast Episode 4: An Asian American Filmmaker Leaves Disney and Fox to Start His Own Production Company
June 9Podcast Episode 3: What It’s Like Being an Independent Asian Filmmaker
May 31Podcast Episode 2: The Asian Who Failed the MCAT, then Founded a 7-Figure Marketing Company
May 25Podcast Episode 1: Why Am I Not a Doctor? An Introduction
May 1Here’s some practical advice for people under 30
February 25What Do Entrepreneurs Do In Their Free Time?


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September 12How To Stop Hating Yourself
September 1220 Tips to Living a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle
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June 28The One Thing That All Highly Successful People Must Have
June 28A Comprehensive Introduction on How Stellar (XLM) Works for Non-Techies
June 27PSA to Asian-Americans: Time To Step Up and Be a F*cking Leader.