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Join me for exciting and inspiring conversations about entrepreneurship and personal growth. My awesome guests mostly are all Asian, and recipients of the Forbes 30 Under 30 award. They are experts in their respective industries and share actionable knowledge so you can apply it to your own life and career.

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October 7, 2019

Podcast Episode 10: From Hire #2 to VP of Strategy, an Asian American Female’s Perspective

Nathalie Con (@nathaliecon) is the VP of Strategy at Giant Spoon, a marketing and advertising agency that ranks at #37 on LinkedIn’s 2019 Top Startups list.
October 13, 2019

Podcast Episode 11: This Asian American Co-Founder Developed AI to Advance Health Diagnosis

Nathanael Ren is the Co-founder / Chief Growth Officer at Buoy Health, a start-up that’s leveraging artificial intelligence to create a free, digital health tool that provides consumers with a real-time, accurate analysis of their symptoms.