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August 22, 2020

Podcast Episode 33: Eugene Kang – Founding Country Archer Jerky

Eugene Kang is the CEO and co-founder of Country Archer Provisions, the number one jerky brand in the natural and specialty channels.
August 15, 2020

Podcast Episode 32: Jessica Chen – Learning Communications

Jessica Chen is the founder and CEO of Soulcast Media, a communications and media agency.
August 8, 2020

Podcast Episode 31: Shawn Xu – Venture Capital and Startups

Shawn Xu (@shawnxu) is an early-stage investor, product launcher, and growth hacker.
August 1, 2020

Podcast Episode 30: Charlie Chang – Investing in Yourself

Charlie Chang is the owner of his own real estate brokerage, an Amazon FBA seller, and a personal finance YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers.
July 29, 2020

Podcast Episode 29: Riana Singh – Building Community and Empowering Womxn

Riana Singh is the founder and CEO of Boss Women Collective, a community that works to connect and empower womxn in real life through intimate experiences.
July 22, 2020

Podcast Episode 28: Kevin Li – Making Magic Happen

Kevin Li is a professional magician who currently holds the title of the Youngest Returner on Penn and Teller's hit show, Fool Us.
July 17, 2020

Podcast Episode 27: Margaret Ying – Pursuing The Work You Love

Margaret Ying is the owner of Once More With Love, an online shop that started out on Etsy and eventually made its way to Michael's.
July 14, 2020
Patrick Lee Why You No Doctor Podcast

Podcast Episode 26: Patrick Lee – How Do You Value Your Time?

Patrick Lee is best known as the co-founder and founding CEO of Rotten Tomatoes. Over the years, Patrick has founded six start-ups across three countries and served as the advisor to several businesses across disciplines.
April 21, 2020

Podcast Episode 25: Cynthia Pong – On Career Changes, Success, and Advice

Cynthia Pong is an ex-lawyer turned career coach. She received her JD from the NYU School of Law and served as a public defender for six years before founding her own business: Embrace Change. Now, Cynthia works as a career coach and workshop facilitator for navigating career change, negotiation, and more.